Search Tips


  • Search results will appear with a title and the first 250 characters of the summary (if there is a summary).  The title of each search result is a hyperlink to the entire item of content.  If your search returns a document, the title of the document will appear with a symbol next to it.


  • To search for the occurrence of one particular word (for example, picnic), simply type it into the text box and click "Go".  You may want type in only part of the word you are searching for to make sure all tenses or variations of the word show up in your search results (area instead of areas).


  • If you type more than one word into the search box, our search tool will interpret that as a "phrase search" and will search the site's content for the words entered exactly as they appear on the site in a phrase (next to each other, not spread out among the entire text).  So, for example, if you type the words picnic shelter in the site's search box, your results will display all instances in which the word picnic appears next to the word shelter in that web site.  The results will not display any content in which the word picnic and the word shelter appear in random locations.


  • There are a very limited number of words (under 20) that will not return the results expected -- this is due to how our search tool is constructed technologically.  Generally these words are extremely common and will tax our system rather than return meaningful search results.  An example of such a search would be searching for the word of.